Where to leave my Miata for a month?

Hi guys,

together with my girlfriend we try to make a plan of quite a long road trip around the Europe in our "kept-with-lots-of-love" 1.8 NBFL 2002.

We start from Warsaw and driving through Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and Austria we'd like to reach Italy (the north part). Then we head to the east to Slovenia and Croatia. Second stage will be for Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, and Greece. At the third stage we plan to go back to Italy again. This time to the south part, probably to Sicily. Fourth stage: souther France, Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar. Fifth stage: northern France, UK, Wales and Ireland. At sixth stage we'll finally go back to Poland, passing Belgium, Netherlands and northern part of Germany.

The road trip will take 11 months, but this is not a continuous vacation (unfortunately). Each stage will take from 7 to 10 days, so in practice it means we have six weeks of holidays in the next coming year. Between that stages we have to take a break and go back to Poland by plane (most probably), hoping to find some cheap flights. But our Miata will always stay at the place where the stage ends.

So, there is a break between the first and the second stage in Croatia from 18.08.2018 to 08.09.2018. And we plan to leave the car somewhere near Split, so we can take a quick flight to Warsaw. What would be the best place to park? Please, advice. We're looking for a safe place - guarded parking or garage.

I've found a long term parking by the airport but they charge €10 per day. Quite expensive for us, taking in account that the trip requires a pretty big budget. Is there any other safe place to put the car for a month? If not an official commercial parking, maybe someone here has a free space by the house and could keep our MX-5 for a nice bottle of Polish finest vodka? ;)

Evelyn & Nickesh

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Re: Where to leave my Miata for a month?

Hi nickesh,

well I don't know the route that you will take, and I am not from Split, but just to give you an idea about Zagreb, if you plan to take a plane from Zagreb's airport, you can leave your Miata in one of Zagreb's public garages, like this one - http://www.zagrebparking.hr/default.aspx?id=272 You can pay for the whole month and it is only 27 EUR for the whole month.

From Zagreb to Split you have a really nice old roads for a good road trip with a lot of sight seeing.

Well, that's for Zagreb, maybe someone is from Split so it can help better.

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Re: Where to leave my Miata for a month?

zaczg wrote:
9.05.18. 07:19
Well, that's for Zagreb, maybe someone is from Split so it can help better.
Also not from Split, but I googled... :-D

Prices are here, http://www.splitparking.hr/cijene/cijen ... g-prostora - basically, 25-40 EUR for a month.

There is Uber in Split, so that takes care of ride to/from the airport. The fare is approx. 30 EUR from downtown Split to the airport.

nickesh, let us know where do you plan to go in Croatia, we can surely recommend great roads and places to stay and eat...
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