Miata Club of Greece

Hallo Miata friends from Croatia !!!

i found you from a post of Josip in Italian Miata passion forum ....

We will be glad if some day meet you and introduce ourselves .....

Congratulations about your try !!!


PS1 sorry maybe for the wrong place of this thread but my Croatians are terrible !! :D
PS2 may come for a visit to our www.mx5.gr or directly to our forum pages http://www.mx5.gr/forum/index.php
President of Miata Club of Greece


Dear Haris,
Thank you very much for visiting our website.
We're really sorry that all posts in it are in Croatian.
We hope to hear from you in the future as well, and please write us about the happennings you organize in Greece.
We're specifically interested how often do you meet and what do you usually do in your meetngs.
All the best in the future and please write us again! :D :D :D
Yours sincerely:
Bojan Zebić
President of Mazda Mx5 "Miata" club Croatia
il presidente
NB Yellow 2004.-2005.
NB FL 2005.-2007.


nice to hear from you. Hope we'll meet in Padova.
Keep in touch.
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