Wellcome! :) Well, maby we could organize some roadtrip around croatia, and some good food then!:)
NB FL Magic - ZG*9999AH

We would be very interested in hosting you in Croazia, as we were beautifully hosted by Italian Miata club (the triveneto part of it) on our visit to Auto Moto d'Epoca in Padova in 2004. So if you could give us some information as to when are you planning to visit Croazia, are you coming alone or with other Miata enthusiasts, and to what part of Croazia are you coming? By giving us these details we would be able to organize ourselves and see that you have faboulous vacation in our country.

Hope to see you soon.
il presidente
NB Yellow 2004.-2005.
NB FL 2005.-2007.

Oh yes I know stm sodalizio triveneto is a local club ... :-D
I think that i'm alone becouse this will be my holiday but but i would like meet other miatas owner in the word ... but this coul be a good idea to organize something with your club ..
Greetings from the Italian Group http:www.mx5italia.com